Matrix proponents would do well to learn from what is happening to Firefox and Mozilla.

Element do 90% of the development in the Matrix ecosystem - including the only server that can run at scale (I wont say "work") and the only homeserver designed to replace it (not production ready).

If Element were to come on hard times (as they have in the past, with near disastrous results), Matrix will simply fold.

When it comes to the privacy vs usability debate, I come down hard on the side of privacy. Doesn't matter how pretty it is if it's going to get you rubber hosed.

An example of this in practice is eschewing software & services which use privacy and security in their marketing but whose implementations don't hold up under scrutiny, such as Protonmail and Keybase.

A lot of people will defend such products regardless, resulting in a trend I've been thinking of as "privacy roleplaying". It's harmful and needs to stop.

I ended up writing the bomber in x86. arm64 wouldn't compile for some reason. Anyway, TIL about the `pushad` instruction—it lets you write 32 bytes(!) of data wherever the esp is pointing, AND it decrements the stack pointer by the amount of data written. Pretty nifty when you're trying to carpet bomb the address space with 0x69s (illegal instruction, and funny number).

Except, it ends up bombing itself… I'll have to patch that. Heh.

Annndd probably in ARM. x86 is far too competitive.

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r2con's r2wars competition looks super exciting. I'm definitely submitting a bot.

It's kinda funny to watch an entire instance just fanboying and aping what one guy does.

Not that it's a bad thing, per se. Just… interesting.

Changed the font to EB Garamond (from Inter) for all post paragraphs. I think it looks quite nice.

Defcon should've been on IRC. Moderations tools? Check. Scalability? Check. Not run by a corp that violates your privacy? Check.

Apparently knowing how to touch-type isn't all that common.

Just realized I hadn't posted my latest rice. I quite like the newspaper-like colors.

Interesting read. I'm still not super convinced about the IRA being unaffiliated with the Kremlin.

This interview of Yuri Bezmenov comes to mind:

He says the exact opposite of what is conveyed in the article—that subverting the US into a leftist state was and is their ultimate goal.

i remember when i was still using twitter, there was this very, very sharp contrast between twitter and fedi because on fedi, people were just talking and being people, but on twitter, it was like everyone was clones of some generic template. all constantly tweeting the same brainlet talking points and feel-good rah-rah nonsense about whatever the cause du jour of their particular politribe was, and you'll get canceled if you don't join in as loudly as everyone else. fedi is such a huge relief by comparison

Google should buy TikTok, add chat to it, and kill it.

forbidden words 

When you make people stop using certain words, you don't erase the thing that these words were referring to. You only take away from people the ability to talk and reason about this thing.

This is oppression.
Also, this is totalitarism.

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