Can someone reply to this toot? I think my notifications are broken. Mastodon isn't showing /any/ notifs.

So Twitter Engineering is going to make these terminology replacements, apparently.

Firstly, this is mega cringe. Second—dummy value?! What is this, offensive to dummies?

@kev I completely agree with your assessment. People who dislike email are typically the people who use whatever workflow Gmail presents and, quite honestly, it's terrible.

I really like this page from Plaintext Productivity about managing email

The process it describes is somewhat similar to Hey's workflow but it can be accomplished with literally any client. As revolutionary as they make it out to be, the Imbox, Feed, and Paper Trail is nothing new.

I think my entire Mastodon install is thoroughly and irrevocably rekt.

When developing and deploying on Unix-like systems, it goes without saying that you use the same for your dev environment.

Using half-assed "Linux" environments like WSL, and complaining that "it doesn't work", is the highest level of idiocy.

The age encryption spec is only available as a Google doc. Amazing.

The absolute state of "open source". Oh, and they use Discord.

Why hasn't anyone written a Mastodon/Pleroma alternative in Python?

Who in their right minds chooses arcane shit like Ruby and Elixir?!

What a mess. Why does it install this shit on a headless machine?

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Okay I've been sitting on this for a while; going to get started on migrating from Mastodon to Pleroma.

Microsoft is so insidious... they're worming their way into every major language community and are doing their absolute best to ingratiate themselves with the FOSS community while they continue to destroy computing for consumers

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