Okay I've been sitting on this for a while; going to get started on migrating from Mastodon to Pleroma.

What a mess. Why does it install this shit on a headless machine?

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@x also this is another reason I run everything in containers today. I have a Pleroma Dockerfile but it's ancient / pre-1.0 release. I doubt it will still work:

@x idk if it'd help any in this case, but do you have apt::install-recommends set to "false"

@wowaname No idea, but I don't need to deal with that anymore. I installed Pleroma from the binary release.

@x You using Alex's migration scripts? Going to SoapBox?

@djsumdog That's the plan, but I can't seem to get Elixir installed on the Pi.

@djsumdog @x Oh, of course someone already wrote migration scripts. Really should have looked for them. Oh well it was like 2 years ago!

@cy @x oh this was much more recent. moonman also wrote some but lost all of them.

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