Can someone reply to this toot? I think my notifications are broken. Mastodon isn't showing /any/ notifs.

So Twitter Engineering is going to make these terminology replacements, apparently.

Firstly, this is mega cringe. Second—dummy value?! What is this, offensive to dummies?

@kungtotte @sir I think Startpage is probably the most usable, but it got acquired by an ad-tech org.

@magical @sir Why is this a metric? Are books written by "people of color" somehow better?

@sir Perhaps Brandon Sanderson's works? Mistborn, The Stormlight Archive, etc.?

Also, what's your preferred method of reading?

@kev I completely agree with your assessment. People who dislike email are typically the people who use whatever workflow Gmail presents and, quite honestly, it's terrible.

I really like this page from Plaintext Productivity about managing email

The process it describes is somewhat similar to Hey's workflow but it can be accomplished with literally any client. As revolutionary as they make it out to be, the Imbox, Feed, and Paper Trail is nothing new.

I think my entire Mastodon install is thoroughly and irrevocably rekt.

@bfiedler @sir Huh? You can, but why is this an Alpine-specific gripe? "Download the source and build (if you have all the deps)" can be done on all Linux systems.

@JayVii_de @sir I used to, as well. It's a fantastic desktop experience. 'apk' is really fast. I don't get why "bUt aLpiNe iS fOr cOnTaInErS" is memed so much.

It's literally just another Linux distribution, with a plentiful package repository.

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