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@0x00 let's be real, docker is for people who should not be managing servers.

I'm getting good at typing out replies to tweets and toots then thinking "Replying to this adds nothing to my life" and then deleting it and finding something else to do.

Despite all of its faults, it's fascinating how much of internet culture, and even meatspace culture, has been directly influenced by 4chan

Aw. It's cute when y'all argue left vs right politics like it means anything

Q. Why is Linux inconsistent and difficult to use?

A. It’s an upstream issue.

re: instance block recommendation 

@kino @a1batross @luna @fristi We are in the new era of McCarthyism.

Also, remember when Freedom of Speech was considered a liberal/progressive idea? If all speech isn't protected, not just the speech you like, one day your speech won't be protected either.

Improved the syntax highlighting on my site. Looks exactly like my Vim's.

The plastic layer in my laptop's headphone jack had broken off and lodged itself inside—preventing me from using any wired 3.5mm headphones.
My mom managed to flick it out with her hairclip.

It's been like ~8 months without wired audio! FeelsGoodMan.

@markosaric I would really prefer that we discourage people from spying on visitors in the first place. 9 times out of 10, analytics only exists to deposit dopamine into the site owners.

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