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>My opinion is: Signal is the best we have!

yeah bro the app that uses a centralized server, doxes your phone number, and has a ux way worse than telegram is "the best you have"

@Gargron it's time to tell instance administrators that blocking other instances prejudicially does more harm to the fediverse, than good to the users.

We need to encourage users to actively use self moderation tools such as blocking and filtering, and teach administrators that domain blocking should be a last resort action — e.g. when one instance actively attacks yours, not when one users from that other instance says something that single user on your instance may be offended of.

GitHub workflow cargo culting rant 

1. Discover project, grab clone URL
2. Clone repo
3. Write & commit change
4. Register for an account (adds entry to password store)
5. Wait for email confirmation to get past greylist (5 minutes min)
6. "Fork" the repository
7. Add SSH key to Gitea
8. Add new git remote
9. Push to new git remote
10. TOFU the SSH host key (I hope it was right...)
11. Turns out their sysadmin has no clue how to rig up SSH access for git
12. Remove the remote and add an HTTPS remote instead
13. git push
14. Back to web browser, click a button with no label which seems to be related to pull requests
15. Fill out pull request details
16. Submit. Done!

Time: 10 minutes + time required to implement change

Side-effects: repo cloned on disk, new account in password store

Context switches (browser/email/terminal): 7


1. Discover project, grab clone URL & mailing list address
2. Clone repo
3. Write & commit change
4. git send-email HEAD^
5. Fill out mailing list address
6. Fill out details about the patch
7. Send. Done!

Time: 1 minute + time required to implement change

Side-effects: repo cloned on disk

Context switches: 1

Don't fetishize the engineering ethos of megacorps like Google. Not just because they work at 1000x the scale you are, but just generally because their approach to software engineering SUCKS and is optimized to efficiently utilize 10,000 engineers rather than to efficiently produce good software

the most powerful/liberating and pain-free act of rebellion you can do against the system is cessation of mainstream media consumption.

I mean, it's an ENVIRONMENT variable! Being able to read it from anywhere is…kinda the point.

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So I've been writing some systemd services for $WORK, and I can't fathom why people defend this pile of crap.

One would assume a script launched from a service could read environment variables set in, say /etc/profile, right? Wrong! You have to manually specify each one in the service file!

This is so anti-UNIX. It's terrible.

Next the SJWs are gonna rename "race conditions" to "speedy weedy conditions"

Oh, since I reminded myself about SUID bit let me tell you a story how I accidentally broke the certified by Russian FSTEC device by Samsung.

So… the story begins from a politics. You know, Russia wants to own something, certify it and call it “secure”. So they had an agreement with Samsung to make a special device for Russia based on Tizen platform. Samsung don’t have enough balls to confront Google and sell Tizen devices everywhere so that’s a rare toy, it was sold only in India and was certified in Russia. For me it was interesting, because it’s a true GNU/Linux in a pocket. Like Sailfish but even less popular and mostly reside in Samsung TV boxes and wristwatches.

Also there is a company in Russia that works as a FOSS support line and distributor. They held a contest with a chance to win that certified “Russian” Tizen device. Not really tho, there was no real competition, you just email them what you want to develop and they decide are they want to sell you a device. I sent an email that I want to port #Xash3D FWGS on it(on a business device, aha) and I won it. Easy peasy.

So they sent me it over mail and I took it as soon as it’s arrived. Unboxing time… without a box and even a single cable. Just a phone inside. Okay… Remember what I told that these devices were also sold on India? It’s the same device, except it based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 2xx SoC instead of cheap Spreadtrum and the firmware was locked. Really locked. I had NO CHANCE to upload my own compiled software on it and these guys who sent it to me had no idea what to do.

I had nothing better than to break it. The firmware was designed to keep filesystem clean, even if you would able to alter the FS somehow, the device will never boot after that. I didn’t knew about that so I courageously poked into it’s bootloader. Let me tell you a bit about Tizen partition structure(I may be inaccurate but that’s not important):

kernel, which holds Linux image obviously, maybe dtb. You can’t overwrite it.
root, ext4 filesystem, something that is gonna be mounted as /. You can’t overwrite it too.
kernel_modules. Ext4 filesystem… You’re not supposed to overwrite it. :blobcat3c: But Samsung forgot about this.

So I’ve compiled kernel modules(which was conviniently provided by for this exact device lol), made an Ext4 image with them, flashed, crossed my finger and it booted up. Samsung forgot about validating kernel modules too! Baka Samsung! :blobfoxsignbaka:

(Note: You can’t really flash by partition through Samsung official flashing tool — Odin. But there is a project called Heimdall which is reverse engineered Odin protocol. If you have a Samsung device, at first my condolences, at second check this tool, it’s awesome)

Sadly, kernel checked for modules build version and I didn’t knew how to solve this so I’ve lost WiFi. But on other hand, I had a chance to upload any code (!) to the locked device that was just gifted to me without any papers (!!) and that device was supposed to be used internally in Russian companies (!!!). One of them already signed a contract with Samsung, it was Gazprom (!!!!).

Yes, I’ve wrote a simple C program that sets UID as zero and executes /bin/bash. I’ve added it to image, added a setuid bit to it and voila, I had root on it. Who was fucked up? Samsung? FSTEC? Or me?

This is the end of Part I however. I will publish Part II as well. It’s not that technical, sorry but it’s shameful to me and you see why.

I keep typing 'dosa' while typing 'doas'.

It's been a while since I wrote any Nim code. I might try and write some stuff in Nim at $STARTUP, heh.

Or maybe Go. I've wanted to mess around with Go.

@IceWolf Anyway, my point is—the whole renaming circus is just sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the bigger problem at hand—changing deep rooted power systems.

Again, what do I know? I'm not even American. Heh.

Is this how GNU wins? By claiming info pages are less offensive than man pages?
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@x maybe they'll go with the original name that's less offensive: ATACC HAT

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